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Searching and buying property in Europe starts on EE24. Choose from the catalog a house by the sea, an apartment in the center of a European capital, a house in a village or even an island. The journey to your dream begins with us!

Actual information

On EE24 you will find important information about taxes, maintenance costs, the purchase process, and more. We publish the latest market news, experts share their opinions, and buyers talk about their experiences.

Direct access

You contact the real estate agency or private real estate seller directly using the phone number indicated in the advertisement card (by clicking on the "show phone" link) or send a request (using the "write to the seller" form).

For investors

Investments in commercial real estate in European countries are becoming increasingly popular. On EE24 you will find various investment opportunities: hotels, shops, business centers, plots of land.

EE242 is a real estate directory in Europe for foreign buyers. We do not sell real estate, but place offers from agencies and private buyers, providing buyers with direct access to the European real estate market. The ee24 catalog is divided by countries, and the countries into resorts and regions. Even if you don't know yet in which city or region you want to buy a house, you can view an object near the city you know or see all objects in a country or region by setting search boundaries by price or area.


Turkey 29532 proposals
Italy 15228 proposals
Greece 13365 proposals
Spain 12699 proposals
Bulgaria 7653 proposals
United Arab Emirates 6013 proposals
Montenegro 5815 proposals
Cyprus 4768 proposals
Finland 4681 proposals
Latvia 4553 proposals
Germany 3009 proposals
Northern Cyprus 2955 proposals
Croatia 2908 proposals
Georgia 2146 proposals
Czech Republic 1549 proposals
United Kingdom 1295 proposals
Hungary 1081 proposals
Thailand 1081 proposals
Estonia 1058 proposals
Albania 605 proposals
Andorra 583 proposals
Slovenia 550 proposals
Ukraine 544 proposals
Egypt 542 proposals
Slovakia 519 proposals
Lithuania 472 proposals
Switzerland 412 proposals
United States 391 proposals
Dominican Republic 382 proposals
Malta 371 proposals
Kazakhstan 296 proposals
France 296 proposals
Monaco 276 proposals
Serbia 265 proposals
Portugal 226 proposals
Indonesia 214 proposals
Russia 208 proposals
Belgium 169 proposals
Austria 158 proposals
Kyrgyzstan 118 proposals
Canada 112 proposals
Poland 81 proposals
Romania 76 proposals
United Kingdom 74 proposals
Malaysia 71 proposals
Mexico 60 proposals
Azerbaijan 57 proposals
Uruguay 56 proposals
New Zealand 56 proposals
Belarus 56 proposals
Sweden 55 proposals
Macedonia 50 proposals
The Gambia 44 proposals
Bosnia and Herzegovina 36 proposals
The Bahamas 31 proposals
Denmark 28 proposals
Armenia 27 proposals
Ghana 27 proposals
Israel 26 proposals
Netherlands 24 proposals
India 22 proposals
Norway 21 proposals
Qatar 18 proposals
Belize 17 proposals
Argentina 14 proposals
Panama 12 proposals
Luxembourg 10 proposals
Australia 7 proposals
Maldives 7 proposals
Oman 6 proposals
Mauritius 4 proposals
Paraguay 3 proposals
Czechia 3 proposals
Brazil 3 proposals
Antigua and Barbuda 3 proposals
Namibia 2 proposals
Grenada 2 proposals
Gibraltar 2 proposals
Barbados 2 proposals
Saint Kitts and Nevis 2 proposals
China 1 proposals
Sri Lanka 1 proposals
Singapore 1 proposals
Ireland 1 proposals
North Macedonia 1 proposals
San Marino 1 proposals

On the European real estate portal EE24 you'll easy find your first or next home in Europe! More then 110 000 real estate offers and direct contacts with property sellers.

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