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Among the many properties for sale in Austria, definitely have to be one that it will be in tune with your ideals. Check our choice of 236 wonderful listings real estate that we have collected for you.

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Lower Austria 20 proposals
lake Constance 9 proposals
Burgenland 1 proposals
Salzburg 5 proposals
Vorarlberg 2 proposals
Upper Austria 16 proposals
Tyrol 25 proposals
Carinthia 16 proposals
Vienna region 120 proposals

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Buying a property in Austria, not only for non-residents, but even for the inhabitants of the country is quite long and difficult process. However, the benefits of buying real estate, homes or apartments are worth. Political and economic stability of the country and as a consequence of the prestige and high quality of life, security and tranquility are the main advantages of buying real estate in Austria.

Austria fully justifies the reputation of a stable country. Even during the crisis the real estate market was stable and, according to experts in the future stability of the situation will not change. This is an excellent argument for property buyers abroad who are interested in maximum security investments. Such transactions as the sale of houses or apartments in Austria are successful, in accordance with all applicable laws and are beneficial to both parties. By strict legal restrictions, compliance with which is actively monitored, access to speculators to the real estate market is closed.

Describing the country itself, it should be noted that it is famous for its best-known ski resorts in the world.

In Austria, there is a diverse array of educational institutions at various levels of education, which enables to learn almost any specialty. Diploma of education received in one of the Austrian institutions is considered as a very prestigious and is quoted throughout the world.

Due to the nature of economic, political and social life, houses and apartments in Austria are attractive and interesting not for leisure, but for those who plan to live here longer. For example, a property in Vienna is buying for children who are studying at a university in Austria, or wealthy people.

You can buy for yourself as a cozy chalet in the ski resort, as a townhouse in the city on the secondary housing market. Regardless of the type of property you can be assured of high quality of housing.

The main reason for buying apartments and houses in Austria is the desire to improve the quality of life, while in terms of real estate investments the country has little interest because of the social policy of the authorities. The cost of apartments in Austria is stable and grows very slowly.

In summary, buy an apartment in Austria is quite difficult, due to the above limitations and difficulties, but the result is worth it.

Austria is located in the heart of Europe, that defines its land borders. The country is bordered by eight European countries: Czech Republic (362 km), Hungary (366 km), Slovakia (91 km), Liechtenstein (35 km), Slovenia (330 km), Italy (430 km), Switzerland (164 km), Germany (784 km).

About 75 % of territory of Austria is the eastern Alps; more than 900 peaks are glaciers, which height exceeds 3 000 m.

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There’s never a scarcity of wonderful properties for sale in Austria, and this country attracts clients from around the globe aiming to acquire their property here. If you too are intrigued by the prospect of having your own home here, then 236 of the offers we’ve compiled from the whole of Austria. Whether it’s leafy suburbs or a fast-paced city life or something else you’re preferring, we something to suit every taste.