In fact, 222 the phrase "elite real estate" is quite a common cliche, which is nevertheless actively used in the real estate market. There are common characteristics of associating a property to elite category: in terms of location it must be the most convenient (city center, main streets, prestigious neighborhoods, etc.). In terms of view from the window – for sure it must something that pleases the eye: the sea, the mountains, the main square or street, the gorgeous park, or the Eiffel Tower, in the end. If it is a house, then it is with a magnificent staircase, modern and high-quality finishing, and neighbors of the same social level. There can't be unnecessary details – it is the top of style and top quality of life. It is a dream. Of course, everyone has his own dream. In different parts of the world and Europe, someone's dream is in the mountains, and someone's – at sea. If you are ready to make your dream come true, that is, just go and buy it (can you buy even a dream!?), so in this section we offer thousands of options and one of them will be yours for sure. And you will make sure that you can buy a dream! But if dreams remain dreams, then you can print a photo of a villa that you liked on the French Riviera or an apartment in Belgravia and set yourself goals in life. Dreams are known to have a tendency to come true!

Real estate with a dream view