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Among the abundant properties for sale in Belgium, definitely have to be one that it will match your expectations. Check our list of 178 wonderful deals real estate that we have compiled thinking of you.

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Arlon 1 proposals
Hasselt 6 proposals
Ath 2 proposals
Beveren 1 proposals
Nivelles 3 proposals
Brugge 12 proposals
Nieuwpoort 2 proposals
Oudenaarde 1 proposals
Turnhout 2 proposals

Information for buyers

In Belgium there is rich cultural and historical heritage. Moreover, the country economically and politically stable, which creates a favorable environment and a high standard of living.

Capital gain tax is not collected after 5 years of ownership. There are no significant restrictions on real estate purchasing in Belgium for foreign nationals. Here you can buy any residential and commercial property, or land for building.

Currently, the Brussels real estate market quickly developing and attracts investors after Paris and London markets. As a result offers investment potential.

Well-developed infrastructure, high level of medicine and good education form high quality of life and make country a great place for permanent residence.

About the country: Belgium is a country in Western Europe. The country is boarded by France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. Included in the EU, the Schengen countries, the euro area. In winter, average temperatures across the country 2-6 °C  above zero. In summer: 16-20 °C  (depending on the geographic region).

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There’s never a scarcity of brilliant properties for sale in Belgium, and this land draws in clients from all over the world aiming to obtain their property here. If you as well are drawn to the idea of having your own home here, then 178 of the listings we’ve compiled from the whole of Belgium. Whether it’s countryside quaintness or a fast-paced city life or anything between you’re looking for, we have everything you need.