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Tirana region 53 proposals
Lezha region 11 proposals
Bashkia Durrës 34 proposals
Vlora 40 proposals
Tirana Municipality 32 proposals
Vlorë region 342 proposals
Elbasan 2 proposals
Durres region 66 proposals

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Albania is changing rapidly and becoming more "European" country. Tourists and investors attracted with extraordinary beauty of the scenery, virgin nature and comfortable geographical location of the country. From Albania you can quickly get to the famous resorts of Montenegro, Greece and Macedonia. Developing property market is ready to offer to potential buyers a number of advantages in comparison with its neighbors - Montenegro and Greece.

Real estate in Albania is much cheaper than in neighboring countries several years ago. There is simple real estate purchasing procedure for foreigners in the country.

The Government is making efforts to improve infrastructure. However, the coast of the country has been developed with huge complexes with wide infrastructure, surrounded by extraordinary nature and ocean.

Moreover, the quality of Albanian real estate objects is high, no worse than in other European resorts.

It’s necessary to note, that it is difficult to find reliable information about the country and real estate market as well. People are afraid of Albania, considering it as poor and underdeveloped country with aggressive-minded people. That has nothing in common with reality.


Albania is situated on the coast of Ionian and Adriatic Sea in the western Balkans. Strait of Otranto separates Albania and Italy. The country shares borders with Serbia, autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece. 

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There’s no shortage of great real estate for sale in Albania, and this land is a magnet for investors from all over the world aiming to obtain their property here. If you as well are interested in the idea of having your own place here, then 598 of the offers we’ve put together from the whole of Albania. Whether it’s peace and quiet or a hustle and bustle of a city life or anything between you’re looking for, we have it all.