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Among the countless properties for sale in Turkey, surely will one that it will be right for you. Jump to our list of 31751 wonderful listings real estate that we have collected for clients like you.

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Sakarya 2 proposals
Trabzon 6 proposals
Black Sea Region 161 proposals
Aegean Region 315 proposals
Adana region 1 proposals
Ankara region 7 proposals
Yalova 47 proposals
Mediterranean Region 2050 proposals

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Turkey is an amazing country which attracts with its opportunities for recreation. At the same time Turkey is:

  • Huge amount of the most famous and most beautiful tourist destinations;
  • Almost a year-round beach season;
  • Highly developed infrastructure and transport;
  • Affordable housing;
  • The rapid clearance of the transaction;
  • Low property taxes;
  • The right of the owner to dispose of property (to donate, sell, lease);
  • Cheap estate maintenance;
  • Favorable investment (actively growing economy);
  • The prospect of joining to the European Union.

Turkey or Turkish Republic has a wonderful geographical location. One part of the country is located in Europe - Rumelia, the other - in Asia - Anatolia.  Turkey borders with northern neighbors- Greece and Bulgaria, East neighbors - Iran, Georgia and Armenia, south neighbors - Syria and Iraq. The country is washed by four seas: Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara and Black. The climate in Turkey varies according to region, but everywhere winter temperatures is not low than 3 C ° above zero.

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There’s always plenty of superb properties for sale in Turkey, and this land draws in investors from around the globe wishing to grab their property here. If you as well are intrigued by the prospect of having your own home here, then 31751 of the offers we’ve assembled from the whole of Turkey. Whether it’s countryside quaintness or a big city life or something else entirely you’re preferring, we have got you covered.