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Among the many properties for sale in France, surely will one that it will be right for you. Check our choice of 3332 wonderful ads real estate that we have assembled for clients like you.

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Île-de-France 205 proposals
Alsace 1 proposals
Normandy 62 proposals
Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2 proposals
Centre-Val de Loire 40 proposals
Upper Normandy 5 proposals
Corsica 5 proposals
Centre 3 proposals
Languedoc-Roussillon 11 proposals

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Demographics, infrastructure, and stability of the law make France a country favorable for investment. Commercial law is a safe security for investors on the one hand, and protection for merchant from the other side.

According to the results of 15’th international conference "Investing in European Real Estate" Paris is the leader of commercial real estate sales amounts in Europe. It is also a leader in the hotel sales sector. Commercial real estate in France is very popular due to the fact that the country has developed tourist business.

Moreover, investors from around the world prefer to buy property in France and invest money in the real estate market due to its attractive credit system. A nonresident may obtain a loan for 70% of the purchase price of 3,5-4,5% per year.

It is important to note that France has no any restrictions on property purchasing for non-residents. This is true for all types of real estate: houses, villas, condos, apartments, commercial real estate, elite real estate etc.

France is located in Western Europe. The country has a border with Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Spain and Andorra.

Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Lions, Liguria Sea wash shores of France. France is washed by the Atlantic Ocean on the western and northern sides.  It is interesting to note that the island of Corsica is a part of France territory. There is a tunnel connecting country with Great Britain (under La Manche).

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There’s always plenty of cool real estate for sale in France, and this country attracts buyers from places near and far hoping to secure their property here. If you too are interested in the prospect of having your own home here, then 3332 of the listings we’ve put together from the entirety of France. Whether it’s comfortable living in nature or a hustle and bustle of a city life or something else entirely you’re after, we something to suit every taste.