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The most obvious advantage of Sweden is economic and social system. The Swedish economy is the strongest European economy, which allowed country to avoid the European crisis. Social policy is expressed in a number of social security benefits for every citizen of the country which makes Sweden one of the most favorable countries for living.

In spite of the fact that real estate market was opened about 15 years ago for foreigners, it is already quite well known market to investors. And since then, every year, the process of buying property in Sweden is becoming easier and more affordable. Real estate prices in Sweden are strictly regulated by the government. Houses, apartments, villas and apartments in the country in any agency cost the same price. That does not allow speculators to enter the market.

In addition Swedish government put restrictions on the number of construction projects, with the whole country in order to save the nature. As a result, demand for property is outgrowing supply, which increases the cost of apartments.

Perfectly built economic and social policies in the country, naturally, increase the cost of living. As living standards in the country are high - cost of living is expensive, which reflects tax system. A significant portion of the budget one has to spend on property taxes.


Sweden is located in the Northern Europe, in eastern and southern parts of Scandinavia. The country has borders with Norway and Finland and washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. 

The climate in Sweden is temperate. Summer temperatures do not rise above 22 C °. Winters are relatively cold, the average temperature is 8-12  C °  below zero.

Sweden is a member of EU and participant of the Schengen Agreement.

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There’s never a scarcity of wonderful properties for sale in Sweden, and this country draws in buyers from everywhere aiming to secure their property here. If you too are interested in the prospect of having your own place here, then 55 of the offers we’ve put together from the whole of Sweden. Whether it’s leafy suburbs or a big city life or something else entirely you’re after, we have everything you need.