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Geographical location of Slovakia has always attracted not only tourists but also foreign investors into the country. The Slovak Republic is located in the heart of Europe, it shares borders with several countries: Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. This factor allows you to travel throughout Europe comfortably.

Speaking about the real estate market it should be noted that Slovakia ranks high on the demand for real estate in the world market. Especially highly valued is housing in major cities across the country. Prestigiousness of this kind of housing is not inferior to the villa on the Cote d'Azur or bungalow on the shores of Spain. And it is justified by the fact that Slovakia has a rich cultural and natural heritage. The country is rich in ski resorts, thermal springs, boarding houses, which attracts not only a huge flow of tourists but also investors each year.

The investors are attracted by a wide range of real estate. Here you will find the small country house or luxury villa or apartment in the historic districts of Bratislava. The levels of real estate prices are also different, which allows a broader contingent of buyers to view the Slovak real estate market for buying their "second home".

Of course one of the most important criteria is the security. In Slovakia is a very low crime rate. Different religious or ethnic conflicts in the country are also missing.

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Real estate prices in Slovakia are dependent on many criteria, including the location of the object, its technical condition, the area of housing, accessibility etc. However, estimating the average cost per square meter in the country, we can say that the price varies between 500-2 000 euros.

For example, buy a one bedroom apartment in Slovakia not located in the metropolitan area with an area of about 60 square meters is possible for 60 000-70 000 euros. There are on the local real estate market and cheaper properties, but be aware that in such apartment, as a rule, you will need to make repairs. In general, the Slovaks are selling apartments in a good condition.

Prices for apartments in Bratislava are much higher. The cost of economy class apartments starts at 75 000 euros, and a price for a good apartment will be about 120 000-170 000 euros.

Family house in Slovakia, in the city area, can be purchased for 200 000-250 000 euros. The house in suburban areas will cost 150 000 euros.

The cost of one hundred square meters of land in Slovakia located near Bratislava is in average 3 000 euros.

Slovak Republic or Slovakia is a country situated in Central Europe, in the Western Carpathians. In the north the country borders with Poland, in the south borders with Hungary, in the west - with Austria and the Czech Republic and in the east with Ukraine. Slovakia does not have any access to the sea; the area of the state is mostly mountainous.

In Slovakia there is a continental climate. In the hottest months (July and August) daytime air temperature reaches 28 C °. In winter the temperature rarely drops to -4 C °, and then usually only at night, the day temperature is an average of 3 C °.

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There’s never a scarcity of brilliant properties for sale in Slovakia, and this country is a magnet for investors from around the globe aiming to acquire their property here. If you as well are intrigued by the prospect of having your own home here, then 566 of the offers we’ve assembled from the whole of Slovakia. Whether it’s leafy suburbs or a fast-paced city life or something else you’re looking for, we have got you covered.