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Among the countless properties for sale in Macedonia, definitely have to be one that it will be right for you. Dig into our selection of 48 great ads real estate that we have compiled thinking of you.

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Northeastern 1 proposals
Southwestern 4 proposals
Pelagonia 4 proposals
Prdejtsi 1 proposals
Skopje region 35 proposals
Southeastern 3 proposals

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Macedonia is not very popular tourist destination, as until recent times the country has badly developed tourism infrastructure and economic difficulties.

However, situation changes: economy is stabilizing, tourism sphere is developing. That’s why Republic of Macedonia attracting foreign investors day by day.

The real estate market in Macedonia is still very young and just beginning to develop; therefore, house prices in the country are quite democratic.


Macedonia is a country, located in the south- Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. It shares borders with Kosovo and Serbia, Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria.  Continental climate is dominated in the country. The average annual temperature is 11 C ° above zero. The hottest month is July, with average temperatures – 22 C ° above zero, the coldest month - January with average temperatures 0,3 C ° below zero.

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There’s always plenty of superb real estate for sale in Macedonia, and this land is a magnet for clients from everywhere hoping to acquire their property here. If you as well are drawn to the idea of having your own place here, then 48 of the offers we’ve compiled from the whole of Macedonia. Whether it’s leafy suburbs or a big city life or anything between you’re looking for, we have everything you need.