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Among the many properties for sale in Estonia, there will one that it will match your demands. Dig into our choice of 1348 wonderful ads real estate that we have assembled thinking of you.

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Raplamaa 29 proposals
Saaremaa 6 proposals

Information for buyers

Buying property in Estonia you get an apartment or house in a European country on the Baltic Sea, which is a dream of many people and a great opportunity to spend holidays in Europe, at your own home.

Foreigners can buy property in Estonia on the same terms as residents of the country. There are limitations about buying forest and agricultural land. Foreigners can’t buy more than 10 hectares of this type of land.

It’s important to note that there is no property tax in the country. Land tax is really low and varies from 0,1% to 2,5% per year, depending on the location of the object.

Estonia is located in Northern Europe. The country is washed by the Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Riga, and the Baltic Sea. It has borders with Russia (294 km), Latvia (339 km) and Finland across the Baltic sea. The country is the member of the European Union, Eurozone and NATO.

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There’s no shortage of excellent real estate for sale in Estonia, and this land draws in buyers from around the globe aiming to obtain their property here. If you too are drawn to the prospect of having your own place here, then 1348 of the offers we’ve put together from the entirety of Estonia. Whether it’s peace and quiet or a hustle and bustle of a city life or something else you’re after, we have it all.