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Among the abundant properties for sale in Ireland, will surely one that it will be in tune with your ideals. Check our choice of 23 verified deals real estate that we have assembled thinking of you.

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Ireland attracted foreigners, mainly as a place to rest. As economy there was not developed, it was hard to find a good job and support high way of living. That’s why few foreigners bought housing and immigrating to Ireland.

But today the situation is different. Over the past 30 years, Ireland became a country with a strong economy, so more and more Europeans are looking for a house in Ireland.

On the one hand Ireland a highly developed country, which is an active user of Scientific and technical progress, various kinds of innovations. On the other hand due to its climatic and geographical location, the country's wonderful nature allows comfortable suburban life. On the green hills of Ireland, in the countryside you can still drink from a crystal-clear rivers and lakes. Here you can listen to the roar of the Atlantic Ocean, and walk along sandy beaches.

You can buy a house in Ireland, and rent it out, as many residents live in rented accommodation. Also in Ireland is very well developed tourism industry, which makes the country attractive for investors.


The country is located on Ireland Island, which is the third largest island in Europe. Ireland is washed by Irish and North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of St. George.

Ireland has a temperate maritime climate, with mild winters and cool summers. Average winter temperature is 5 °C above zero, summer – 14 °C  above zero.

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There’s always plenty of cool real estate for sale in Ireland, and this country draws in investors from all over the world aiming to acquire their property here. If you too are interested in the prospect of having your own home here, then 23 of the offers we’ve assembled from the whole of Ireland. Whether it’s countryside quaintness or a big city life or something else you’re after, we have something for everyone.