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Among the countless properties for sale in Hungary, definitely have to be one that it will be in tune with your ideals. Jump to our choice of 2896 verified ads real estate that we have compiled for you.

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Fejer 14 proposals
Szombathely 3 proposals
Zenepavilon 2 proposals
Baranya 19 proposals
Somogy 48 proposals
Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok 17 proposals
Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen 7 proposals
Komarom-Esztergom 4 proposals
Vas 35 proposals

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Hungary always attracts tourists with its beauty, rich history and cultural heritage.

Real estate in Hungary is popular among British, Germans and Dutch, while Russians not so active on the Hungary’s real estate market.

The Hungarian Government investing considerable sums in infrastructure development. Over the past few years, the length of highways twice increased. Moreover, in the near future, Hungary supposed to enter the euro zone, which involves currency changing, low-cost mortgages, low interest rates on loans. These changes will undoubtedly result in a rapid economic growth and rising real estate prices.

Capital - Budapest, perhaps the most popular city in the country, both among foreign visitors, and those willing to buy property in Hungary.

Budapest is known as the "Paris of Eastern Europe". Buying a flat there, is 20-30% cheaper than in Warsaw or Prague, and in average six times lower than in Paris itself, as well as Dublin or London.

In Hungary, there are no tough restrictions on buying real estate for foreigners. Foreign individual or legal entity is able to buy property in Hungary, or land for construction

Hungary is a country in the heart of Central Europe. It is bordered by Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Country is included in NATO and EU.  Hungary has a temperate continental climate. The average annual temperature is 9-11 C ° above zero. Summers are typically hot with average temperatures around 25 C °. Winters are warm and short.

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There’s no shortage of interesting properties for sale in Hungary, and this country attracts investors from places near and far aiming to secure their property here. If you as well are interested in the prospect of having your own home here, then 2896 of the offers we’ve compiled from the whole of Hungary. Whether it’s leafy suburbs or a fast-paced city life or anything between you’re looking for, we have something for everyone.