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Among the abundant properties for sale in Portugal, there will one that it will be in tune with your ideals. Check our choice of 1985 trustworthy deals real estate that we have collected thinking of you.

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Madeira 62 proposals
Santarém region 4 proposals
Coimbra region 8 proposals
Faro region 653 proposals
Beja region 4 proposals
Leiria region 117 proposals
Portimão 2 proposals
Guarda region 2 proposals
Coimbra 1 proposals

Information for buyers

Buying Property in Portugal is, first of all, a wonderful climate and the greatest of all European countries number of sunny days per year. What else attracts foreign investors in Portugal?

  • The lowest in Europe level of crime;
  • The absence of any restrictions on the purchase of real estate for nonresidents;
  • Available housing prices;
  • Favorable conditions for business;
  • High-quality of the real estate;
  • Attractive mortgage terms;
  • Protection of private property rights, regardless of the nationality of the owner.


Portuguese Republic is located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula. In the south the country is washed by the Strait of Gibraltar, in the west - by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the north and east Portugal borders with Spain. The country also includes an archipelago of Madeira and the Azores Islands.

In Portugal there is the highest number of sunny days per year in all the Europe. 

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There’s never a scarcity of great properties for sale in Portugal, and this land is a magnet for buyers from everywhere hoping to obtain their property here. If you too are drawn to the prospect of having your own home here, then 1985 of the offers we’ve assembled from the entirety of Portugal. Whether it’s peace and quiet or a hustle and bustle of a city life or something else you’re after, we have it all.