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Romania is a very interesting and promising country. Here are well-developed ski and beach resorts; the country is also rich in thermal springs. Membership in the EU and reasonable prices for the real estate make Romania an attractive place for investments.

The economic situation of the country also deserves attention. Until 2007 Romania was a very backward country, however joining the European Union the situation has changed: Romania's banking system began to grow rapidly and the economic crisis hitting the more or less the entire world was not manifested in Romania almost at all. Moreover, the property market began to develop rapidly. It is also worth noting that nowadays the country has moderate inflation and low unemployment.

Romania is a country located in the south-eastern Europe. In the north Romania borders with Ukraine, in the south and south-west - with Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia, whose border with Romania is formed by the Danube River, in the west Romania is bordered by Hungary and in the east - with Ukraine and Moldova. In the south-east Romania’s coast is washed by the Black Sea.

The climate in the country is continental and temperate. Summer weather is warm and soft. The swimming season lasts from May to October.

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There’s never a scarcity of wonderful properties for sale in Romania, and this country draws in clients from everywhere wishing to obtain their property here. If you as well are interested in the idea of having your own home here, then 251 of the offers we’ve collected from the whole of Romania. Whether it’s leafy suburbs or a hustle and bustle of a city life or anything between you’re looking for, we have got you covered.