Nuppu in Bratislava

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About the project

NUPPU grows with you – a project that creates a space full of energy, ideas and life-long friendships. It is destined to become the new blossoming centre of Ružinov - hence the name NUPPU, which means flower bud in Finnish.
They will not force you to change your life, they will only make it more pleasant. Thanks to the package of three sensors, you will have a better overview of whether your door to the apartment and cellar has been opened, or whether you have received mail in your mailbox. The operation of these sensors will not be disturbed by a power failure nor a router failure.
Good relationships with neighbours are at the heart of pleasant living. Meet your neighbours and make useof the neighbour lounge to organise board game tournaments, birthday parties or a get-together over a cup of coffee. Your neighbours might become life-long friends.
The division of the courtyard into several zones gives people many reasons to smile. Everyone will find something to do without accidentally disturbing others. The individual parts of the courtyard can develop separately, exactly as the inhabitants want.
By developing public transport, we contribute to a sustainable living environment. In cooperation with Bratislava Public Transit Company, we are preparing a bus stop on Mlynské nivy street, which will facilitate everyday commuting to work or leisure.
Major part of sustainable development consists of ecological transportation. For this reason we have brought to NUPPU multiple electric car charging station, thanks to which cars will be ready to travel quickly and on time.

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District of Bratislava II

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