Welcome! We have created Real Estate Sideris real estate agency with great care and aim to offer the customer the quality of the real estate, the ability to complete any sale he wants, through a human, serious easy and safe for him process. Professionalism, honesty and consistency are some of the elements that distinguish us. We are in constant contact with the customer for the proper diagnosis of his needs and his full coverage from finding to the final contract. With years of experience in the real estate market, we offer the services required for an advantageous and proper buying and selling. We manage, with responsibility and confidentiality, purchases, sales and leases of real estate. We work with brokers, lawyers, notaries, civil engineers who we chose very carefully for you in order to meet your every need. Discover and take advantage of our comparative advantages today. Sideri Pliatsikidis, Realtor, Bpor President real estate Brokers perpheral unity of korinthian

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