Tamerlan Residence in Shymkent

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About the project

Residential complex Tamerlan Residence is a stylish modern new building from the company BI Group, located in an actively developing area.

Location Features
ZhK Tamerlan Residence in Shymkent on Bayterekova Street is located in the Nursat-2 microdistrict in the very center of the city. There are no industrial zones in the vicinity of the new building, and Shymkent Arboretum is located two kilometers away.

District Infrastructure
Near the ZhK there are key cultural and administrative objects of regional significance. In the neighborhood there are several grocery stores, a supermarket and a cafe. Just a two-minute walk from the complex is the Metro hypermarket.
Opposite the new building there is a polyclinic No. 3 and a regional perinatal center No. 4, and one and a half kilometers to the regional children's hospital in Shymkent. In ten minutes you can walk to the Kazakh Drama Theater. J. Shanin, Turkestan Palace, Korma Exhibition Center, Regional Akimat, Otyrar Shymkent Regional Universal Scientific Library, and Rahima Plaza, a large shopping and entertainment center.
Nearby is the Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics of them. Nazarbayev. On foot you can walk to the kindergarten Balabashashy Bes zholdyz. Comprehensive school No. 80 and the kindergarten "Kindergarten in Nursat" are 1.2 km away.

Transport infrastructure
A stop on Bayterekova Street is just 120 meters away. It runs three bus routes with a minimum interval of 20 minutes. There is a convenient exit from the new building to Nursultan Nazarbayev Avenue, through which you can quickly get to any part of the city.
Fifteen kilometers away is Shymkent Airport. At a distance of eight kilometers from the complex is the central railway station.

LCD key features
The Tamerlan Residence residential complex is a business class new building with a height of twelve to sixteen floors. The concept of the project is based on images associated with ancient traditions and culture. The key motive of the new building is the image of the tulip, combining national traditions, the symbolism of the city, the style and aesthetics of the project.
The new building is designed in accordance with modern requirements for design reliability and energy efficiency class. It is being constructed using a monolithic frame technology. The outer walls of the gas block are insulated with a durable heat insulator. The flat roof is equipped with internal gutters and covered with soft roll waterproofing.
Each building is equipped with two noiseless comfortable elevators - one passenger and one passenger. The new building is equipped with modern technological equipment and high-quality communications.
Stained glass doors with insulation are installed at the entrances. Inside, the LCD is decorated in the style of the Art Deco era. The foyer and hallway are decorated with high-quality materials that meet stringent environmental requirements. Entrance groups are located at ground level, which provides barrier-free movement of people with disabilities.

Principles of improvement
The adjacent area is isolated from the surroundings by a road and an alley. The developer carefully approached the improvement of the complex, competently organizing the entire territory. Lawns were planted next to the buildings and trees were planted to separate them from pedestrian walkways covered with paving tiles.
In the courtyard closed for cars, playgrounds for children of different ages and playgrounds for sports games, fenced with a metal mesh, are equipped. There are also recreation areas for residents. Street lighting of a modern type is being established, areas for conducting business activities are provided.
For guest vehicles, ground parking spaces have been allocated. Residents will be able to leave their cars in a two-level underground parking.
The first floor of the complex is given for the placement of social, domestic and commercial infrastructure. In addition, the new building has separate pantries in which residents can store seasonal items and bicycles.

Housing stock
You can buy an apartment in a new building in one-, two-, three- and four-room layouts ranging from 51 to 148 square meters. The ceilings are three meters high. Panoramic windows, glazed with energy-saving double-glazed windows, provide excellent insolation of rooms. Apartments for sale are carried out both with pre-finishing and with finishing.
In the office of the company you can get additional information about the amount of finishing work. The sale of apartments is subject to a full one-time payment, as well as by installments from the developer and on a mortgage - you can familiarize yourself with the available purchase options in the sales department.

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