Farm in city Arezzo
3000.00 sq.m.

€ 21 000 000
The wine farm on sale in the province of Arezzo with vineyards, olive
groves, fields, pastures, forest and numerous buildings. Most of the
buildings require reconstruction of both the structures and finishings,
while all land is currently in production, apart from some arable land
currently held 'at rest'.

The first building presents the winery offices (925 sqm), which is the
business center and the administrative headquarters as well as legal and
commercial part of the company. Adjacent to the winery is a former rural
building ( 477 sqm) and another one nearby (110 sqm) are currently used for
agritourism (tourist accomodation).

Manor house (1290 sqm) is a historic villa with the adjacent park, swimming
pool, shed, ancillary rooms, a tennis court and a private chapel. It dates
from the mid-nineteenth century and has been the subject of significant
restructuring in the 70s, as well as interventions in coverage in recent
years. The villa is surrounded by a large park of 5 ha, largely covered by
forest, and to a lesser extent arranged with flower beds, walkways and
varieties of tall trees (cedar of Lebanon, cypresses, etc.). The estate also
has a number of buildings for housing, barns, sheds, dairy etc..

Land: It is an estate is formed of two land groups merged into one of about
54 ha and another one of about 300 ha. There are 5 lakes, almost all
artificial (for a total of approximately 6 ha) used for the irrigation.
38,28 ha of vineyards, arable land, meadows and pastures of approx. 235 ha;
forest approx. 75 ha; olive grove is 1.76 ha; a courtyard for a total of
5.74 ha, totally 355.78 ha. The produced red wines are Sangiovese, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chianti white wine Chardonnay, as well as Vin
Santo del Chianti . The bottles of wine production varies from year to year
with an average of 50-60 thousand bottles.
The main cultivation is wine, secondly it is wheat and oil, while the other
plots included are used to seed crops (sunflower, sorghum, maize, field
beans, etc.) and forage for grazing.

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