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Regional Project is an investment holding company specializing in transactions with land plots, houses, apartments and commercial real estate, both in Russia and abroad. If you want to buy or sell a suburban property or land, or you come to a decision to purchase a property abroad to live or renting the property for a guaranteed income, in this case the company is always happy to be able to help you. Specialists have extensive experience and have extensive knowledge about where and under what conditions favorable to you, you can purchase a property in Russia and abroad: UK, Germany, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Latvia, Portugal, USA, Ukraine, Finland, France and the Principality of Monaco, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Scotland. Turning to the company, you get a whole range of services, including legal advice on various aspects of land legislation, assistance in buying and selling land plots, residential and commercial properties of any size and for different purposes, the solution to all related issues associated with the use of real estate, including approval of documents in various instances, change the permitted use, transfer of land and more. The company is ready to organize a comprehensive development of the acquired territories, including the design and construction of residential and industrial buildings, roads and engineering structures, as well as to act as the management company. All of the above was made possible through the established collective professional practitioners, who have devoted many years of solving problems in the field of land use, and have valuable experience in real estate.

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