Land in city Ermioni
303000.00 sq.m.

€ 46 000 000
In the land f 300.000m2 can be built 60.000m2 either in Hotel or villas.
The development will conclude the following:
Zone A: Marina
In the land of the 100.000m2, using part of the 50.000m2 that is characterized as area of
common use, will be developed a marina of 150-200 plots.
The marina is going to be used by the owners of the houses as well as by the Hotel.
Zone B: 5-star Hotel
The Hotel will cover approximately 15.000m2 and will have:
 4000m2 of areas of common use (reception, bar, restaurant, cafe, spa, conference
facilities )
 2000m2 basement areas (are not added to the coverage: kitchen, laundry, offices,
warehouse, etc)
 30 of 70m2 suites with private swimming pool
 30 of 50m2 suites with garden
 120 of 35m2 double bed rooms
 60 of 50m2 two bedroom suites
Zone C: Shopping, amusement, sports
Will cover about 2000m2 of buildings that will be in association with the Hotel
Zone D: Villas
The villas will be grouped to create small villages in the area. They will be developed along the
channel of the marina (20000m2) and up to the hill (22000m2) in ground floor and first floor
and 15000m2 basements.
The total construction of ground and first floors and will be split as follows:
 80 apartments of 50m2 (4.000m2)
 80 villas of 100m2 (8.000m2)
 60 villas of 120m2 (7.200m2)
 60 villas of 150m2 (9.000m2)
 35 villas of 200m2 (7.000m2)
 25 villas of 250m2 (6250m2)
The houses built on the hill can have basement floors as well. So the total surface of these
houses could be increased.

The area that the 303.000m2 lay on is considered to be one of the most privileged of Greece for
the following reasons:
 The area’s natural beauty and the smooth weather conditions throughout the whole
year make it a perfect destination for visitors.
 Famous destinations are placed nearby:
 Hydra 6 n.m.
 Spetses 10 n.m
 Ermioni 10 km.
 Porto Heli 22 km.
 Poros - Galatas 25 km.
 Nafplio – Mycenae 90 km.
 Epidaurus 60 km.
The area is neighboring:
 PLEPI Village 300m The Village is already constructed and sold by the owner
of the land.
 PORTO HYDRA Hotel and Village Resort, 5 stars, 600m
 HYDRA BEACH Resort, 5 stars, 1200m
 AMAN complex Resort , with golf court, 7 star Hotel, 5 star Hotel, Village ,
 AKS Hotel and Resorts, 5 star Hotels , 15Km
 NIKKI Beach Resort, 5 stars Hotel, 20Km.
In the area of Ermionida there are more than 3500 Private Luxury Villas.
The area is preferred by various well known Artists,
Businessmen, Politicians, as well as by members of European
Royal Families.
There is easy access by road and sea:
 The area is only 185 km way from Athens and Athens Airport , it takes 2 hours by
 There is frequent boat connection with the port of Piraeus. Flying Dolphins offer quick (2
hours) daily routes from Ermioni to Piraeus and backwards.
 From Athens Airport, groups of tourists are transferred to our area through the port
of Fokea (10 km from the Airport) with cruise boats (25nm from Ermioni) enjoying a short
cruise to Poros and Hydra Islands.
 Is starting in Greece, and is developing rapidly, the transportation with Hydroplanes.
Medical services:
Medical services are offered at Kranidi ( 18 km) with Public Health Center, and with
numerous Private Doctors.
The nearest Hospital is at Nafplio (90Km)
The land is situated in the municipality of Ermioni – Argolida in the Peloponese.
It consists of two parts that belong to the same owner, and can
be developed either separately or together.
 The first one covers an area of 100.000 m² by the sea with a beach of 330m.
 The second one covers an area of 203.000 m² and is contiguous to the first one. This
part is hilly with soft slopes, has a southwest orientation and enormous view to Hydra –
Dokos – Spetses – Ermioni complex.
The beach is sandy in and outside the sea.
Natural beauty:
 The land is full of olive trees and has sufficient quantity of water supply for the
irrigation. The land has Pipes that can offer 200m3 /hour of water.
 The channel between Hydra, Dokos island, Spetses and Ermioni is suitable for cruising
and sailing.
 The climate is smooth all year round.
PERPO – Stages of private urbanization permition
STAGE A: PERPO areas approval
All parts of the land are in the “PERPO” area of the municipality of Ermioni.
(ΦΕΚ 541/13-12-07 Τ.Α.Α.Π.Θ.)
STAGE B: Article 24, Chapter 6, Law 2508/97 approval
The land fulfills all the necessary conditions so that private urbanization could be approved
through the article 24, chapter 6 of the 2508/97 law. All necessary documents are gathered
and the files are being completed.
Part A Part B
100.000m² 200.000m²
1. Map extract of approved PERPO OK OK
2. Maps OK OK
3. Approved opinion of:
Archaeological department of Classic and Prehistoric Monuments OK OK
Archaeological department of Byzantine
Monuments OK OK
Archaeological department of latest
Monuments OK OK
4. Characterization and final approval of
forests department of the article 14, law 998/79 OK OK
5. Decision of defining coastal area OK OK
6. Stream lines approval OK OK
7. Approved essay of geological fitness OK under approval
8. Property documents essay OK OK
9. Topographic diagrams OK OK
10. Study for basic infrastructure networks OK OK
11. County committee of the ministry of environment, energy & climatic change
12. Municipality’s confirmation for water provision OK OK
13.Municipality’s confirmation for garbage collection OK OK
The area is suitable for:
Touristic development
The area is placed in the municipality of Ermioni which is the only municipality of the
Argosaronic gulf where it’s still permitted to build hotel units.
The hotel unit that could be developed is of 45.000m2
to 60.000m2 and can be a complex of a
Touristic services and villas. The villas can be sold or rent.
Residential- Holiday housing development
Residential development could be achieved through the institutional law regarding areas of
controlled urbanization (PERPO). All three areas are in the PERPO of Ermioni.
Holiday housing development could cover:
 20.000 m² for ground floors on the first part of the land (100.000 m²)
 40.000 m² for ground floors on the second part of the land (203.000 m²).
In addition, more than 30.000m2 of basements and lofts could be constructed

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