Vikimoisa in Tallinn

€ 3,600


About the project

A new, better life awaits you at Vikimõisa. A bit more enjoyable summers, when you can just throw a towel over your shoulder and walk to the lake. A bit less noise and more privacy that you missed while living in the city center or apartment blocks. More greenery and better views than you are used to seeing from your home window. A bit more thought through layouts and courtyards than you have imagined. Come further in life!
Vikimõisa offers you a proven quality that is built on experience. We have bright and spacious apartments with a well-thought-out layout, high ceilings and large windows.Your very own balcony gives you an access to the surrounding greenery. The floor plan of the ground floor apartments also includes a large terrace.
When surrounded by pleasant greenery at Vikimõisa, you cannot wait but have to go out as soon as the first sunbeams sneak into your room. It is as if the nearby forest trails, with nice benches, are calling you to come and spend some time in fresh air. Not far away, there is a recreational trail that welcomes you with its motivating markings to keep you active. There is also an adventure park, an outdoors gym and separate playgrounds for toddlers (0-4) and older children (8-12).

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