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ALEXA residential complex is situated on Gorski Duh Street, Dragalevtsi district, Vitosha district in Sofia. It is located in the spacious, rich in greenery and modern buildings section above the Tsarsko Selo complex. Nearby are Cherni Vrah Blvd., the 24-hour supermarket "Fantastico", the supermarket "Lidl", the Botanical Garden of BAS, quality restaurants, Dragalevtsi Stadium, sports club, private kindergartens, pharmacies, medical center, playgrounds, parks . In the summer of 2019, ALEXA's neighbors will be joined by Britanica's new school complex and kindergarten.
Buses №64 and №93 will take you to the nearest Vitosha metro station in the Hladilnika district if you have decided not to use your car in congested city traffic. In the opposite direction with them you will reach the foot of Vitosha, Dragalevski lift, the church "Holy Trinity" and the center of Dragalevtsi, and if you continue - to another picturesque district of Sofia - Boyana. There are the Boyana Church, the beautiful Boyana Waterfalls and the cult Boyana Inn. the initial stop of bus №64 is in the Hladilnika district, and the final one - at the Institute of Hygiene on Akademik Ivan Geshov Blvd. Bus №98 also passes through Dragalevtsi.
On the Ring Road is the bus stop №111, which will connect you to any of the key points of the capital.
From ALEXA you have easy access to the southern arch of the Ring Road with direct access to the most prestigious southern and central parts of Sofia.

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