SLOW LIFE in Vladaya

€ 1,568


About the project

Slow Life is the natural balance of high speed life. This is a way of life, the ability to rediscover peace and everything that makes us truly happy!
Dynamics and hectic schedules have become second nature to the working person and we are increasingly looking to regain balance in our daily lives…
The fact is that the human eye can distinguish most shades of green! The fact is that there is no way to notice them if we do not stop for a moment and look around!
That is why we have created SLOW LIFE DISTRICT - a residential complex of a new type, in which you will find all the advantages of the unadulterated Slow Life environment, as well as the necessary amenities for the life of every dynamic person:
Exclusive location - a step away from the city, but in step with nature
Spacious house and own yard
Security and comfort in a gated complex
Conditions for sports and safe play for children
Organized transport from the complex to the center of Sofia and back

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zh.k. Sveta Petka

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