Hotel in city Sarande
600.00 sq.m., 20 bedrooms

€ 490 000
Facilities and Business (Apartment, Hotel, Bar-brown) for sale in Saranda-Albania

This is a 5 storey building facilities == 600 m / 2 and 118 m / 2nd Floor

This certificate has obkekte property (mortgage)

--- Super bargain price of 490 000 Euros

Description and Functioning of the facility:
First floor
Actually is at first floor serves as a coffee bars.
From this premise guaranteed daily turnover more satisfactory income, thanks to its location in one of the most populated intersection 24 hours a day.
Second floor
Second floor has apartments consisting of two bedrooms + a room-kitchen Salon + two bathrooms.
Floor third and fourth
Third floor and the fourth consists of 7 studio apt 1 + 1 + a toilet + 1 balcony.
By renting over the winter in different clients such as students studying in the city. Unniversiteti located only 100 m from the object. everyday and clients who come mostly from the city's hospital, which has status as a regional hospital.
But with substantial income provided during the tourist season from requirements too high to be accommodated different resort vacationing to the city of Saranda.
The request comes as Hence, that the objects located only 100 m away from the sea and Central City promonade.
Fifth Floor
Fifth floor consists of a flat-attic
One bedroom + a -sallon room + dining room + kitchen + a toilet + a spacious veranda overlooking the sea very relaxing and the city.
About the city of Saranda
Saranda is located in southern Albania. It coastal country. There is a geographical position and very favorable climate, which makes an important tourist destination.
Washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea. Being southern Albania land it borders with the neighboring country Greece. There are 2 entry - exit south KAKAVI and QAFBOTA in them exercise state function in the customs which are performed all procedures associated with the commercial activity between the two countries. Also performed and vice versa movement people in both countries. With sea borders with the island of Corfu. Saranda has a port which enables anchoring yachts of various sizes and also shipping. In these circumstances made possible the entry and exit of foreign nationals in different tourist destinations, it is worth to note that the Saranda has in its bosom very earliest archaeological destinations such as: BUTRINTI Phoenician "Finiqi Today" MONASTERY OF 40 saints etc. .
But also Saranda is characterized by clean beaches with fine sand and warm water. It should be emphasized virgin beaches, Gulf of Bitola. Continuing Kakome bay, KROREZA, CAVE we Lukovë, Borshi Ksamili.
This city has the main income from tourism. Recent developments big push this industry has given urban infrastructure investments in partnership with private investors who have invested considerably in this industry.
Given that prices for hotel tourism here are the most competitive in the region tourist destination, the flow of visitors is constantly increasing. Increasing arrival of a considerable number of visitors has increased the demand for holiday apartments.
The city of Saranda, also called the sunny city, which is characterized by 290 days of sunshine, with temperatures relatively the highest in the region. This gives the possibility vacationers to plan their holidays as economic, that you can relax even during other months as eg May, June, September, which are characterized by the offer quite economical
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