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Situated just outside of the Dubai Design District, these exquisite four- and five-bedroom villas are placed in a prime location should you wish to merge a family life with the ultra-modern, high-end luxury that is on offer here.

These luxurious family villas are styled to fit the modern, up-and-coming neighbourhood in which they are built. With features that include beautiful floor to ceiling windows, cool, neutral colour schemes of white, brown and beige and elegant overhanging balconies which offer the choice of either cool shade or warm sunshine.

Each villa comes with its own private garden and pool. A perfect place for you to relax after a hard day’s work (or even a hard day’s shopping). With each development being given superb space for both grassy lawns and a refreshing pool, there will be no better way to spend an evening or weekend. Floorplan
The villas at Sobha Hartland are exclusively either four or five bedrooms. Although the size and square footage may vary depending on which design you prefer, the standard and style in which the space is used is of the highest design and quality.
Square footage ranges from 6259 sq.ft. for our cosiest four-bedroom villa, all the way up to 9678 sq.ft. for our largest, most opulent five-bedroom home. 
With expertly designed use of the space within your beautiful home, you will find that the space inside is even larger and brighter than it first seemed, making it easy for you to travel from room to room, allowing effortless transition from one activity to the next. With all of this space, even the most extravagant of families will be able to live in style and comfort. 
Living Area
The interior design schemes feature a gorgeous array of neutral tones such as greys, whites and browns, working in unison with the beautiful light fixtures to create a luxurious, sedate atmosphere throughout the entire space. This coupled with the open-plan living and swaths of glass panelling, provide a natural highlight to this already stunning space.

The colour palette continues into the kitchen space, allowing for a serene ambience across the whole apartment. Expertly-fitted cupboards and storage spaces blend together, creating a seamless backdrop to showcase all your utensils and appliances. 
The colours of the living areas continue through into all the domestic spaces, maintaining the tranquil atmosphere with every step. From all bedrooms, different views of the Dubai Design District can be seen cascading out in front of the expansive panes of glass, allowing the occupants to gaze out upon their chosen landscape every single day. In pride of place in the master suite stands a huge, plush double bed with uninterrupted views across the landscape. Ingenious lighting fixtures have been purposefully placed in precise locations to tie in all the design features together.

Garden Area
Alongside the entrances, which are dotted with greenery and landscaped spaces, Sobha Hartland Estates Villas contain wonderfully landscaped gardens at the rear of the properties too. Complete with meticulously-kept trees, flawlessly maintained lawns and well-cultivated flower beds, these properties boast splendid outdoor spaces. Showing that simply having a swimming pool is not enough, the villas provide linings of assorted flowers to edge it, transforming the already luxurious location, into an even more high-quality property. These properties are pet-friendly which takes away some of the stress when looking for a home that accommodates all your needs – in particular, sufficient outdoor space to walk your dog!

Recreational Activities
These impressive villas offer a wealth of extravagant amenities. Whether you feel like enjoying a sport-filled day, going for a bite to eat or merely relaxing by the pool, all residents are kept busy in one way or another. These marvellous villas have a wonderful, well-maintained cricket pitch, a high-spec gym, a serene yoga lawn and useful BBQ area. Not forgetting the games room and tennis courts!

Only a short distance away are a plethora of high-end restaurants providing a vast array of cuisines fit for everyone’s taste buds. The retail area containing luxury fashion brands and more is within the vicinity too, so you can get your shopping fix after you have had that quick bite to eat. The children will not be left out either, as there is a kid’s play area complete with climbing frames, swings and slides, therefore everything your children need to keep them entertained 
Resident Services
24-hour security is provided to every resident within the building, ensuring that everyone feels blissfully safe and secure with the knowledge that they are being taken care of, no matter what or when. Covered parking is available to ensure absolutely everything is protected round the clock, every day.

Inside the more expansive villas, maid’s quarters have been included, so the people who take care of you are given the optimum level of comfort, ensuring your assistants will be providing the high-quality service you expect. 
Central air conditioning ensures every area continues to stay at a comfortable, optimum temperature – even when it’s extremely hot outside. The glamorous add-ons these apartments present include intricately designed, built-in wardrobes and extremely modern state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. Walk-in wardrobes have been included into all the villas to provide a dramatic improvement in the resident’s quality of life. 
Sobha Hartland offers an inspiring, luxurious lifestyle, with its 8 million sq. ft of beautiful apartments and villas overlooking the glistening waterfront. It is located in the iconic Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City which is just a few minutes away from the Burj Khalifa and in very close proximity to Downtown Dubai. The neighbourhood provides comfortable community living, ensuring that residents are able to indulge in exclusive dining from around the world, luxurious spas, state-of-the-art health clubs and the trendiest shopping centres. Parents can also choose from a range of local and international schools that are available throughout the city. These factors make it the perfect place to live, work and generally enjoy life. The myriad of amenities that this neighbourhood has to offer makes it the perfect choice for young and old alike.

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