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About the project

The name of the SOLAR CITY complex is a reference to the use of solar energy in architecture and interior design. The sections of the complex are rotated so that in sunny weather panoramic windows will reflect light from each other and create a “radiance”.
Common areas are made in the style of "loft". To decorate the interiors of public spaces, the colors of the yellow-orange spectrum were used - symbols of the sun and solar energy. The surfaces, décor elements and masonry walls are painted in warm shades.

In the area of ​​the SOLAR CITY new building there are a cinema, restaurants and coffee houses, bank branches, shops of various profiles, beauty salons and medical rooms.
You can go shopping nearby at a grocery store a couple of minutes from home or to a supermarket: to ATB - 5 minutes on foot, to Fora - 7 minutes on foot, to Varus - 8 minutes, and to Novus - 10 .
In walking distance from the SOLAR CITY complex there are 5 kindergartens: No. 472 and No. 599 —5 minutes, No. 674 - 11 minutes, No. 463 - 14 minutes, and Lileya kindergarten, a 17-minute walk. The road to the lessons does not take much time, because the Academy gymnasium is 5 minutes on foot, the specialized school No. 200 and the Oriental language gymnasium - 9 minutes on foot, and the school No. 185 and No. 287 - 5 minutes by car. Also nearby are foreign language courses.
For playing sports in 5-10 minutes walk gyms and women's fitness clubs with training techniques TRX and Sky Jumping, Pilates, yoga and other types of fitness mixes.

CLAP smart home system - the system controls access to the apartment, looks after the property, monitors the temperature level, sets the heating modes, considers utility costs in hryvnia and pays the bills
solar energy - LED solar-powered lamps were used to illuminate the local area
mini-park near the house - children's play areas, sports grounds, a walk alley and landscape design elements
the concept “a yard without cars” - you can leave a car in an underground parking lot or in a guest parking lot, but not in the yard

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Carcase finished
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Первый взнос 25 %, на 20 мес.
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