€ 69 000

Rooms count:


Year of construction:



135 m²





Residential complex is located in the South-West from the town centre, 12 km away from him.

In a quiet suburb.
From the complex to the sea is only 250 metres away!
From the complex to the waterfront parks and boulevards are just 250 metres away!
Around the complex - 3 Park.
To existing airport in gadna 70 km.
Before the construction of the airport Cukurova 45 km. readiness of the airport about 75 %; stage of the inner decoration and beautification.

Transport infrastructure

Near the complex is located stop municipal buses with marshrutkami throughout the city. The cost is 58 cents
The centre Mersin - 30 minutes drive.
From this stop and leave a free service vans for transportation of passengers in large shopping centers.
Others go by taxis and minibuses are 1,04 $
The cost of a taxi to the other end of the city - about 15 $
The cost of a taxi in the city and in the centre - about 10 $

Trading complex infrastructure
A market of 400 m2. Already in effect.
Store drinks and tobacco products 350 m2. Already in effect.

Complex infrastructure
Under the plan:
Your pleasure Park
Playground for playing in the BIG chess and checkers
Water slides
Summer coffee shop-bar.
The pool deck.
BBQ facilities.
Playground for movies, cartoons.
Artificial waterfall.
Area for walks.
with the clock tower.
Children Playground
Swimming pool for adults 800 m2 with a Max. depth of 170 cm
Pool for children of 100m2 with a Max. depth of 50 cm, both pools are maintained in accordance with norms: disinfection and purification
Beauty salon
Summer sports area with fields for football, volleyball, basketball
Tennis court
Indoor gym
The territory is guarded

Near the complex
Two market
Fish restaurant
Supermarket 5 km from the complex
PHARMACY - 15 minutes walk
Clinic - 3 km from the complex
Private hospital here (in 3 km)
City hospital

In the area in 2015 will be initiated easement state sports complex

In Mersin there are two Luna Park, nearest 5 km from us
The water Park is situated at a distance of 12 km
Equipped, with parks, promenade, length of 11 km,

There are modern bars and discos,
large shopping centers with infrastructure rest inside (kids entertainment, cinema),private cinema in the centre, the theatre,the exhibition centres (2),a large number of open floral sites (sale of plants).

Property description

12-storey brick house.
Commercial premises in residential houses, they are displayed in a separate building.
On the roofs of installed equipment (cable) TV

The first 70 apartments are handed in June 2014.
m2: 1 (bedroom) + 1 (living room-kitchen) = 90 + 1 balcony 12 m2, from 49000 e,
2+1=110 + 1 balcony 12 m2, 59000 e
3+1=135 + 2 balconies x 12 m2, up to 69000 e.
Payment of up to 3 years without interest at the minimum first payment of 50%.

Payment schedule and the system, the client chooses.

The agreement is with the local Deniz bank, whose shares were bought by the Russian Sberbank.
All operations on settlement and cash-back cards interest free.

In Turkey there is a rule for all banks to give mortgages only at the stage of 75% completion of construction, but buyers of the Residential Complex will be able to get a mortgage loan even after a long day of Foundation.

Lacquered doors to all the rooms, floors-laminated parquet, fire safety system.
The buildings are provided video surveillance system, 2 large Elevator x 800 kg, finishing stairs of marble.

Apartments are equipped with: air stoves brand Demir dokum.
The use of heat is regulated independently.
Heating Central.

Air conditioning: this displays the wiring (2 per apartment). Air conditioning at the discretion and desire of the buyer for additional payment.
Gas stove Silver line.
Boiler in the kitchen Demir dokum 65 liters.
In the kitchen: furniture (laminated MDF "high gloss"), granite countertops, ceramic sanitary ware.
Bathroom: shower enclosure with tray 130 x 150

Your shop on manufacturing furniture. If the client wishes it is possible completely to "pack" the apartment with all necessary. This will increase the cost approximately: 5, 6, 7.5 thousand euros respectively, or less if the reservation will be on separate subjects.
Possible all variants. Customers can order the design and material of the product.

Pre-sales and after-sales service.
Meeting at the airport Adana, accommodation in the hotel or in their apartments, as desired.
In the property purchase price for accommodation is returned.
3 meals a day, accommodation, acquaintance with the city and the surrounding area...

Mersin is a potentially promising city. Antalya 10 years ago, nothing of interest, except the coast and the sea. Now real estate prices in it since that time has increased by 170%.

Mersin is a wonderful corner of the Mediterranean, the largest Turkish port and at the same time, the provincial capital.

Why to buy a property in Mersin profitable - This can be explained by several reasons.

1. There is almost always summer.

2. The microclimate in Mersin has unique healing properties.
The Mediterranean sea is considered one of the most warm and salty seas.
Today it is home to the classic thalassotherapy.
Medical indications: treatment and prevention of asthma and cardiovascular diseases, postpartum rehabilitation, aesthetic medicine and SPA procedures.

3. The summer season in the city opens early and closes later than in Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris...

4. Mersin rich variety of cheap and delicious fruit.

5. Mersin is a beautiful city, with a huge number of attractions that make tourists an incredible experience.

6. If earlier Mersin was not available for visitors, today tourists have the chance to enjoy magnificent beaches, new quays shopping centers and many others.

This city is prone to earthquakes and its infrastructure is constantly improving.

8. For those who wants not only to visit memorable places, but also enjoy skiing, within approximately one hour from the city built a ski resort. This is possible from mid-November to mid April.

9. Mersin is one of the oldest cities, keeping the culture of Christians, Jews and musulmanochka historical heritage.
Here Mecca of Christianity;
It has the largest concentration of the Christian and Byzantine churches.
And much more!

10. In the North-West are of sedimentary caves Hell and Paradise...

Magnificent landscapes, beach with clean sand, Mediterranean sea, the majestic snow-capped mountains and the sun almost all year round - it's all Mersin Paradise.

Thanks to the special microclimate and environment Taurian mountains, in Mersin never cold in the winter and too hot in summer, the temperature of air not below +10 in winter and not above +33 summer.

The water temperature is +28 degrees in summer and +17 in winter.

Winter in the region Mersin harvest of citrus.

Sunbathing on the beaches of Mersin, you can enjoy the fabulous scenery of snow-white mountain tops.
Ski band resort Kayseri is at a height of 2200-3100 meters above sea level. The thickness of the snow cover reaches two meters.

In Mersin there and Marina Park" - yacht port.


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