Students in Sweden are tragically lack of shelter

Students in Sweden are tragically lack of shelter

The only one region of Sweden could provide accommodation for all students during one month. The problem of accommodation is raised annually in many European countries since the beginning of studies.

There are own problems in each country: the cost of living in the hostel in the UK is high enough, the investors in France are interested in investing money in student accommodation, but the Swedish students are suffered from the fact that they just can`t find a place for living.

The same problem was discussed in the report of the Swedish National Union of Students. Experts say that the situation with accommodation may affect the field of education in general. Especially it concerns the attraction of foreign students in the country because recently there were imposed higher fees for foreign students.

According to approximate forecast for the next 10 years 43 000 of students plan to study in Sweden. While only 23 000 will be provided with the housing. There is also the problem of students’ accommodation. Today university entrants can be accommodated in a month only in such cities as Harnosand, Gävle and Karlshamn.