Prices for rental housing in Sweden have increased

Prices for rental housing in Sweden have increased

According to the company Blocket, in the third quarter of 2016, the average cost of renting apartments in Stockholm raised by 7.4% compared to last year. The average one-bedroom apartment in the Swedish capital now can be rented for €794 per month. Two-room apartment will cost €1288. This information leads the magazine Hem&Hyra.

In Göteborg, the annual increase is 13,3% (€751) in Malmo - 9,3% (€728). In Jönköping, which is 300 km from Stockholm, the average rent is €638. Rents rise in this city was the most significant – 15.8%.

In theory, the Swedish authorities are trying to deal with the rise in interest rates on rent – otherwise the youth and low-income people leave the city center. Landlords are not allowed to set the price above a certain level. However, the housing shortage is still pushing the rent prices up.

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