Hotel in city Rogaska Slatina
3149.00 sq.m.

€ 3 100 000
Unique Investment Opportunity

An attractive, operating spa hotel located in the world-famous thermal health resort of Rogaška Slatina.

This spa hotel is situated in the centre of the Rogaška Slatina Health Resort, just 600 meters away from the main diagnostic centre and the bouvet with the mineral water (well-room). Located in a historic building designed based on the plans of the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik’s student, the hotel is distinguished by its proper geometric shape and harmonious architecture. From the very beginning, the building was designed and constructed as a spa hotel.

The complex features two restaurants, wellness, indoor swimming pool with mineral water, fitness centre and free parking space for guests. Having achieved a remarkably high number of satisfied guests on both Tripadvisor and guest reviews, the hotel has grown to a popular holiday destination for visitors from all over the world.

Its thermal water.

Its mineral water coming from the natural sources located in this highly fertile area of Slovenia, the Rogaška Slatina Thermal Spa has since the Roman times been famed for its exceptional healing power.

Exceptionally rich in magnesium, the Donat magnesium source (Donat Mg) is the world’s most famous mineral resource. For its composition showing more than 13 g of solid mineral substances per litre, the Donat Mg is a mineral water unique in the world. Its most important substance is magnesium that cannot be produced by the human body. Excelling by its highly beneficial effect on the human body, this water is used to treat and relieve chronic gastroenterological and metabolic diseases, osteoporosis, hypertension, disorders in the nervous and cardiovascular system, chronic stress and fatigue.

Its history.

Being one of the oldest and largest health resorts in Slovenia, Rogaška Slatina is renowned for its more than 400 years of tradition. The healing effects of water from Rogaška Slatina were already known in Antique times. It was in the 16th century that the interest in this healing water began to grow rapidly. Today, it is a common belief that the springs were discovered by the Croatian Viceroy Peter Zrinjski, one of Europe’s most powerful feudal lords of that time, believed to have been frequently hunting near Rogaška around 1665. Suffering from a liver disorder, he was recommended by the local farmers to drink water from the spring located amidst the forest. Viceroy Zrinjski’s miraculous recovery triggered the onset of medical tourism. Supported by constant mineral water analyses, sales of mineral waters began after a while. The "Roitschocrene” monograph published in 1685 has become the most important evidence of the therapeutic composition of the water. Already in 1804, the health resort had its first doctor providing permanent medical services. The Rogaška Slatina health resort was welcoming numbers of representatives of the ruling dynasty, nobility and aristocracy, as well as other important people of that time. Habsburg, Bonaparte, Hohenzollern, Karadjordjevic – these are just some of the famous names, joined by many other important guests.

Though the hotel’s architectural basis has never changed, it was heavily upgraded during the renovation between 2007 and 2012. These not only include the sheer number of rooms but also hotel infrastructure and engineering installations now fully compliant with the standards of a modern 4-star hotel, for which the hotel has been awarded several relevant certificates.

The Basic information.

Category: ★★★★

Number of floors: 5

Number of rooms: 64

Interior surface: 3,149m²

Land: 3.896m²

Year of construction: 1939

Year of renovation: 2007

Parking space: 2,538m²

24/24 reception; spa centre, sauna, jacuzzi, restaurant (280m²), restaurant with terrace (145m²), indoor pool, fitness facilities, conference hall. Thermal water (also indoor). A team of experts.

The growing popularity and the rating of popularity
Rogaška-Slatina shows steadily growing popularity of visitors, which is evident from the annual increase in the number of overnight stays in the region, as well as from the increased occupancy of hotels. Statistics on the total number of overnight stays in the region for the period 2016-2018 are available in the brochure in the attachment (see section Floor plan).

According to review data at Tripadvisor, the Hotel Slovenia ranks among the top ten hotels in Slovenia in 2019 and is always highly rated at, Trivago and One two trip. The hotel shows a steady increase in occupancy and number of overnight stays per year. According to guests, the hotel is distinguished by the responsiveness of staff and the quality of services, and is the most optimal in terms of the proportions of quality and price. Guest reviews and a list of 10 best hotels in Slovenia can be found in the brochure in the appendix (see section Floor plan) .

Its location.

Situated in an extremely good location, this hotel proves not only interesting for guests from neighbouring countries such as Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, but also visitors from all over the world.

Rogaška Slatina is a well-known spa among the visitors from the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Distance to the international airport Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana: 115 km.

Distance to the airport Edvarda Rusjana Maribor: 42 km.

Distance to the international airport Zagreb: 98 km.

Distance to downtown Ljubljana: 112km.

Distance to the nearest motorway: 28 km.

Additional information:

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