Land in city Izola
120000.00 sq.m.

€ 20 919 950
### Key figures

- Land size: 34,816 m2
- Type of Use: hotel complex with 300 rooms, wellness and congress center or 480 tourist or residential apartments with commercial and hospitality facilities in ground floor
- Parking places:1,150 underground parking spaces and 2 floors below the whole complex

Zoning is subject to change as long as programme of the investor is aligned with the strategy of the local authority

### Location


Izola is an oldfishingtown and a municipality in South-Western Slovenia on the Adriatic coast. It has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters, hot summers and average 300 sunny days yearly. The Mediterranean pace can befelt at every step on the clustered medieval streets, with the view of the rocking boats, with a relaxing chat with the locals, and with the aroma of seafood dishes served with good wine. The lively town lies in the vicinity of five international airports (Portorož, Ronchi-Trst, Ljubljana, Venice and Rijeka as well as excellent ship connection with other Mediterranean cities in particular with Venice generates over 320,000 overnightstay inva 1ueof EUR 69 myearly.

The property is located in the eastern part of the Izola town at the former shipyard. The immediate surroundings is dominated bycommercial and residential buildings.
The property lies along the coast of the Adriatic Sea close to down town, Park at the Lighthouse and city marina.The land is accessible along the south and west side.The plot will beeasily reachedfrom the new motorway connectionto regional capital cityof Koper andTrieste in ltaly.

### Property description

The subject of offer is building plot in the eastern part of the Izola town. The land is currently being used for manufacturing purposes right next to the shipyard. The property is occupied by abandoned food production facilities of former very popular factory.

The whole former industrial area of costal lands, all together about 120.000 m2 gross floor space, is being revitalized. The Municipality of Izola in public-private partnership intends to revive this part of the city with the luxury hotel complex and other residential or tourist accommodation facilities and services.

Building project for this property foresees S stars Hotelwith 300 rooms and wellness center beside apartment complexes with 480 units scattered in irregular pattern and interconnected with narrow streets and squares to create the atmosphere of old Mediterranean town.


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