VILA BLOK 9-ka in Ljubljana

€ 5,330


About the project

In a popular location near the center, a high-standard multi-apartment building will be built by the end of 2021. It will include a total of nine apartments on three floors.
The ground floor will be characterized by large and designer-designed atria, while the other two floors will have terraces 2.8m wide. The sleeping areas will be separated from the living areas. All apartments will face south and will offer beautiful views of Ljubljana Castle and Crimea.
 The construction of the building will be concrete, and the intermediate walls will be brick. The ceiling height on the top floor reaches up to 5.6 meters. All apartments are designed according to the principle of a smart house (heating, ventilation, lighting, blinds - Gira, security/alarm, unlocking, underfloor heating...).
 In the initial phase, it will be possible to choose parquet in a certain price range.
 The atriums will be raised 1 meter above ground level. A fence with a height of 1.8 meters will be erected around it, which will provide privacy to a large extent. A wonderful children's playground will be available behind the building. Garden furniture and mahogany coverings of external surfaces will contribute to the external perfection of the building.

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