Farm in Grosuplje

€ 210,000


Well maintained farmhouse with a barn, a granary, a hayrack (a free-standing, permanent, mainly wooden, vertical, open but roofed device for drying and storing of hay and grain, found exclusively in Slovenia) and a water tank. The house comes with 3,000 m2 of building land, 3,000 m2 of agricultural land and 16,000 m2 of forest. The ground floor of the house includes 3 rooms, one with a traditional Slovenian tile furnace, a small kitchen, pantry and boiler room. Main living space comprising a living room with a terrace, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and 3 bedrooms is arranged on the first floor. Additional bedrooms could be arranged in the unfinished loft of 120 m2. The house itself is very well maintained, with new roof and windows. It is sold completely furnished.

Grosuplje, farmhouse with outbuildings, 240 m2, built in 1979, 3000m2 of building land, 3000 m2 of agricultural land and 16,000 m2 of forest, for sale, price: € 210,000.00

Grosuplje and its surroundings are mostly known for its rich cultural and historical heritage and for its well-developed craft and industry. The Grosuplje hills were settled already in prehistoric times and a well-preserved village from that era can be found on Magdalenska gora. There are also many other sights worth visiting, such as Castle Čušperk (the oldest castle in the area), the Županova jama cave and the karstic Radensko polje plain.

Distance from airport: 50 km.
Highway access: 9 km.
Distance from Ljubljana: 20 km.

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