Bratislava resumes the construction of the skyscraper

Feb. 27, 2014

Bratislava resumes the construction of the skyscraper

Construction of a multifunctional complex called Twin City, which was started in Bratislava before the crisis, will be continued. It's expected that a 138-meter tall skyscraper will dominate in this area, according to citing

The pre-crisis boom in Central and Eastern Europe has led to the emergence of large-scale projects such as Twin City. It was assumed that the height of the tallest tower could be 170 meters, but later the height was revised downward. Now the completion of construction work is planned for 2016-2024 years.

After overcoming the consequences of the crisis not only Bratislava, but also other capitals in Central Europe have returned to the implementation of major investment projects. In the centre of Belgrade, for example, a grand development "Belgrade on the water" will be built.