Portugal earned more than €2 billion with the Golden Visa program

According to the newspaper "Word", since the launch of the Golden Visa programme in Portugal in 2012, the country received more than €2 billion of investment. In 2016, the program was used by a record number of investors - 45% more than in 2015. This information leads CPCI.

The program is extremely convenient for businessmen - they can buy in property Portugal in the amount of €500 000 and rent it out. The only condition is that it is forbidden to sell the property within 5 years after purchase. There are no other requirements for a Golden Visa (like language skills or a long stay in the country) no. But there are certain tax benefits and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit and citizenship in Portugal in some time.

According to the latest information, 85% of investors with a Portuguese Golden Visa are citizens of China.

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