Service sector in city Prabuty
4622.00 sq.m.

€ 1 500 000
We have to sell two buildings with a total usable area of ​​more than 4.600 m2, located at Kuracyjna Street in Prabuty in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in nortnern Poland, located in the forest hospital complex, in which there are specialist departments, outpatient clinics and numerous diagnostic laboratories. In 19 and 23 March 2018 we've obtained permits and we can proceed modernization for the purposes of REHABILITATION & CARE NURSING CENTER. Both facilities have underground levels, two above-ground + usable attics.

Building "C" shape has an surface of ​​2037.12 m2 of usable area, and building "T" shape has 2585.43m2. Authorities's allowance for start oficially modernisation works is valid for 2 years till March 2020. We have three parcels with numbers: 67/7, 67/15 and 67/5 with a total area of ​​4,984m2, but we also have the option of using part of the areas adjacent to the buildings belonging to the local authorities and hospital for parking purposes and more access roads.

At the moment buildings have all windows replaced, mostly repaired roofs and removed old paintings and partially plastering. By the construction expertise buildings despite his age can be fully recovered without need of demolishion of any part. Location of building on dry sandy ground helped protect their foundations for decades.

The hospital complex was built in the years 1928 - 1932 in a very convenient area of ​​a spa, in the pine forest, on sands. These values ​​caused that after the war it was decided to transform it into the State Sanatorium for tuberculosis. In 1993, on the basis of the Sanatorium, a Specialist Pneumological Health Care Center was established, and later Non-Public Health Care Establishments providing a number of medical services, including in the area of: internal diseases, general surgeries, chest surgery, oncological surgery, lung diseases, oncology, tuberculosis and lung diseases. In the direct vicinity are also provided outpatient services and diagnostics, laboratories, microbiological, histopathological, endoscopic, X-ray, ultrasound and computed tomography.

A part of one of the buildings could also be adapted for doctors' offices and external services. Available in the direct vicinity of both buildings are all supply connections: water, gas, electricity and heat from a modern, local boiler room.

Is worth paying attention to the architecture and utility values ​​of buildings, their momentum and primary adaptation to perform functions in the area of health care according to the highest standards, which even today, after nearly 90 years are rare. Wide corridors and high floors (up to 3 meters) provide comfort and give a sense of space.

Due to the nature of the buildings and their location, we commissioned the project for specialist care for the elderly, but any investor can easily implement their own ideas because we made sure that the project, while meeting strict requirements, was as flexible as possible at the implementation stage.

Demand for high-quality, specialist short- and medium-term care for the elderly is growing dynamically in Poland, which is best evidenced by newly opened centers such as "Angel Care" in Wroclaw or the "Origin" center in Otwock near Warsaw, which will be available for patients in mid-2018. We are convinced that such an investment has a deep meaning and will ensure long-term and secure profit, the more so that such facilities are purchased especially willingly by investment funds as a high-return capital investment with relatively low risk.

It is worth adding that Prabuty is a charming, less than 10k town within an hour and a half by a car and less than an hour by a fast train from Trójmiasto (Triple-city): Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia - (more than 800k population) and about 2 hours from double-city: Bydgoszcz-Toruń (more than 600k population). Prabuty has developed services and trade. It is located on the border of two very known and appreciated in Poland as a vacacional destinations regions: Warmia-Mazury and Pomerania on the seaside among lakes and forests.

It is a very perspective place giving best opportunity for providing higest quality, specialized eldery care service. Place close enough to biggest cities in northern Poland still without any prime-quality eldery care center.

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