My name is OuraniaKaravasili. I am one of the experts of the TERRA & HOMES team. I am able to offer you high quality real estate services and knowledge, supported by my experience on the domain of interior architecture. TERRA & HOMES offers top services in the area of real estate and operates mainly in Thessaloniki and throughout the Greek territory, providing professional consulting services in real estate industry, with partners who know and serve most of the customers’ needs.The office of the company is located in Meteora, Thessaloniki, in one of the busiest streets in the area, on 283, A. Papandreou Avenue. The philosophy of TERRA & HOMES is to provide high quality real estate services, covering responsibly every need of both the buyer and the seller. The unfailing technology and expertise of TERRA & HOMES, the in-depth study and market research, the organized marketing and high-quality training of its staff, are the ingredients of the company’s success. I’m contacting you in order to commence a cooperation with you. In this context, we will keep you informed about al the real estate available in affordable prizes and also about any offers that take place in Greece the current period.

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