Supermarket Real Estate s.r.o. working on the market of real estate for several years in Czech Republic. During this time, many have become reliable partners of development firms in the Czech Republic, among which ARTA, Real-Treuhand, AZ Bydleni, Kvinto Group Int .. Being the exclusive representatives of many construction companies, real estate sales have the right to direct from the builder, that of course, is always beneficial for the client. Working closely with Czech banks and representatives of European banks in the Czech Republic, the company can arrange for their clients, while not citizens of the Czech Republic, the best mortgage loans to purchase real estate. The company has a solid base of real estate of all types: from the living economy class to luxury, as well as base and commercial real estate collateral. The company regularly holds shares, announce discounts, look- organize tours, during which you can combine business with pleasure, relax and choose for themselves a new home in the Czech Republic. It will be especially convenient for those who is going to get a residence permit in the Czech Republic, and then become a citizen of the European Union.
Job " Supermarket Czech Real Estate" always designed for success - so pay attention to all the needs of customers. On all matters related to the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic, obtaining permit and permanent residence in the Czech Republic, you can at any time to contact the experts of the company.