Nord Property

Nord Property is a real estate company established in 2006 that deals with property brokering, development and sales in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal and Spain.

Company ensure a professional, effective and swift conduction of all your real estate related issues.   

The team and services of Nord Property are best described by their core values:   

- Perseverance - company think in the long run and work daily to achieve the goals set.   

- Ambition - company set their goals always high. Average is not good enough for them.   

- Result-driven - in the real estate business results are important and willing to put in effort for that.   

- Innovation - progressive ideas and open-minded thinking are the driving force of team.   

- Professionality - all the people working in the Nord Property real estate bureau are specialists in their field and take their work with utmost seriousness.   

- Quality - the work of their team always shines with complete dedication for achieving the best result.   

- Personal approach - all customers and staff feel that they're treated in an honest, personal, respectful way.

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