Everyone has the right to OWN a piece of the Czech Republic! DO YOU WANT A PRIVATE APARTMENT IN TEPLICE (CZECH REPUBLIC) FOR 35.000 EUROS? Maralina Realty - Your choice! In the Czech Republic our Agency of real estate Maralina Realty and the company Maralina service s.r.o. there since 2007. Our employees are always open to contact and will gladly advise You first of all for the purchase of ANY property throughout the Czech Republic, mortgages, immigration, opening and maintenance firms, rest and treatment in sanatoriums, Teplice (got a license to tour/services), other questions about life in the Czech Republic. Our lawyer will provide You legal. support (experience of over 20 years!), realtor (with experience of over 10 years) will help to find real estate in the Czech Republic, the interpreter will translate the documents and will accompany You to the shops, and so on. Our clients do not feel "abandoned" after the acquisition of real estate: we will help you to do the repair (we work with repair and construction firm with all the permissions and licenses), buy furniture and electronics, to change the currency at the best rate, transfer to the airport, we will take care of the apartment (house) in Your absence. Our Slogan: Everyone has the right to OWN a piece of the Czech Republic!