Kyriakidis Construction Company

The “KYRIAKIDIS” company is situated in the historic and picturesque town of Chania. Since 1994 it has been involved in the construction of both stone and conventional dwellings. “KYRIAKIDIS” has undertaken a plethora of studies of both private and public works, and has built and transformed private dwellings, commercial buildings and recreational spaces.
In recent years we have been collaborating with a Russian company that prepares the assembly in Russia, in exchange with our technical knowledge gathered through years of experience. This cooperation has driven both companies to exceed their initial capabilities and has culminated in the construction of timber houses.
This is achieved using entire tree trunks that vary as to the size, the shape, and the type of use, as per the required need and as to the technical innovation available.

For the abovementioned reasons, we have seen a continual rise in the success of the company, in quantity and quality, year on year.

Our company undertakes:

  • Supervision of building work of all specialties (wooden, stone, conventional)
  • Coordination of the worksite and all logistics.
  • Construction of private undertakings in all the phases of construction.
  • Restorations of heritage or neoclassical buildings and the renovation of newer ones.
  • Refurbishment of internal and external spaces of either public or private buildings.
  • Designs and models.
  • Building planning studies.
  • Assistance in the obtaining of a building permit.
  • Assistance in the obtaining of bank loans and mortgages.

Recently listed properties