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================ Apartments in Montenegro by 25,000 Euros! ================

   Now a residence permit in Montenegro will be given for any property (other than land).
   You real estate agent, or want to become one? Or do you want to expand our activities to enter the international market? Now we are looking for partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. Why not extend your activity and to enter the international market, which will give a lot more prospects for the development of your real estate? Work with us - is to work with a company that is well proven in the market of real estate in Montenegro, and provides a full range of real estate services for over 8 years. Do not hesitate to call and we will discuss how we can be useful to each other.
   We will help you find and buy real estate in Montenegro, to advise you on any matter relating to the acquisition of real estate, will talk about the nuances of life in Montenegro. We know about all real estate in Montenegro, as is successfully working in this market segment since 2008. During this time, we have acquired the necessary experience, allowing us to pursue profitable and safe transactions, find reliable partners and permanent clients, who often use our help and recommend us to their friends.

The staff of our agency are ready at any time:
+ Advise you on all matters related to real estate in Montenegro;
+ Select suitable objects for you in the cities and resorts in the country;
+ To prepare the documents necessary to rent or buy an apartment or villa;
+ Perform an examination of the transaction.

As well as having many years of experience in the construction market of Montenegro, we can carry out the construction of your object for your project or develop a design project from scratch and build it, help to furnish an apartment furnished at your discretion.
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