Company Grekodom Development: services and projects in the field of construction, real estate sales and development in Greece. Grekodom Development company professionally deals with issues related to the sale, purchase and construction in Greece. Specialists freely oriented in this area and make every effort to ensure that the transaction was the most beneficial for the client.

History of the company.

Grekodom Development is a company with a 10 year history of successful work in the real estate market in Greece. Until recently, partners and customers the company was known as Mouzenidis Real Estate. Name of the company became one of the leaders in the field of Greek residential and commercial properties, as well as synonymous with reliability, the highest standards of quality and customer-oriented service. Since June 2013 the company acquired a new name Grekodom Development, responsible optimized business strategy. Expanded range of services, projects, trends and formats work with business targets more closely combined with the desire to find a home in client Greece.

Grekodom Development is part of the Greek holding Mouzenidis Group, which includes a number of companies with good business reputation, including a leading tour operator in Greece "Mouzenidis Travel". Offices are in Thessaloniki and Athens, Chalkidiki Peninsula (Kalithea, Hanioti, Nikita, Uranupoli), the islands of Thassos, Crete, Corfu (Kerkyra), Rhodes, Pieria (Paralia Katerini).

Areas of work and services:

  • Free advice on purchasing property in Greece
  • Selection of land and real estate at the request of the buyer
  • Full legal support and advice on obtaining permit
  • Design, construction and decoration of "turnkey"
  • Investment in real estate projects
  • Landscape design and landscaping
  • Management of the period out of the owner (security, supervision, care, renting)


Team Grekodom is a professionals of different specialties: real estate consultants, civil engineers, architects, designers, marketers, economists, computer programmers. Real estate professionals working in all regional offices of the tour operator "Mouzenidis Travel". Grekodom Development staff fluent in Russian, which greatly simplifies communication with Russian clients.

Geography offers.

Grekodom Development Company offers a wide variety of choices, ranging from small apartments in the resort towns and ending exclusive villas on the coast. Variety of prices and locations of properties allows to consider any individual wishes.

Popular in recent years has been the construction of townhouses complexes, including five to seven two-or three-story buildings with a protected area by the sea. Russians often opt for small cozy cottages on the coast or a small hill with a panoramic view of the mountains and the sea.

The main interest of buyers are now focused on the Halkidiki peninsula, which has long been famous for its clean sea and beaches, whose purity is awarded the highest environmental assessment, "Blue Flag" of the European Union. Experts consider this region as the most promising in terms of price and quality.

Real estate in the two largest cities in Greece - Athens and Thessaloniki, is also equally popular. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and businessmen come here on a regular basis not only for the professional activity and networking, but also for a great vacation in the hospitable Greek soil.

Pieria is located south of Thessaloniki - an area with excellent infrastructure, numerous historical monuments and endless sandy beaches. Among our special offers - properties on the Greek islands of Thassos, Crete, Corfu (Kerkyra), Rhodes and different kind of unique beauty, unspoiled nature, amazing sea and beaches: the perfect choice for lovers of island real estate.

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