"GARDARIKA" is the ancient name of Russia - "Country Towns" 

About the company, employees and services: 

- Spokesman Developers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region 
- Official representative of investment companies and individuals 
- The official representative of the Greek «BROKER S» Crete 

In Gardariki WITH YOU: 



- Guarantee of legal cleanliness at the suggestions 
- The actual database 20841 apartments 
- Reliable and complete information on each object 


- Reviewed and approved by lawyers all permits for all the options in Gardariki 
- Legitimate design scheme permitted on the territory of the Russian Federation 
- Confidentiality, accuracy and integrity in the work 


- The largest range of options for apartments - 20841 on July 9, 2014 
- Installment payment, the individual payment schedule 
- Subsidies, certificates for the purchase of housing, maternity capital 
- No extra charge, the maximum discount 
- Optimum% mortgage rate 
- Military mortgages 
- A maximum of information to choose from - 396 homes on July 9, 2014 
- Your name on the reservation option selected online in our office 
- Legal control at all stages of the transaction 
- Support, advice, guidance professionals 


- Sale of apartments in new buildings 
- Apartments for sale on the secondary market 
- Commercial property for sale 
- Property For Sale Greece 
- Land for sale in Greece