Experto International group

Experto International group is a team of financial analysts and real estate market experts focused on assorting appropriate options for investment all around the world. It is a rapidly developing company with more than 1000 partners in 53 countries of the world. Commercial real estate investment has been one of the most favorable ways of funds placement in Russia and CIS countries since 90th when property costs became less changeable than stocks. Property investments profit not only from capital charges but from leasing them as well. Under modern free market economy conditions investing into real estate abroad is a great opportunity to diversify your funds reducing risks of currency exchange rate, financial and political situation within one country. Our aim is to provide professional consultation in terms of selecting the best possible option for funds placement all over the world. Our specialists receive more than 500 property offers from the world leading realtors every day. Our hallmark is our experience and knowledge of international law, economical, property market, and taxation system that are unique.