Eurocoast Group

Eurocoast Group highly successful team that has proven its reputation in three main areas, namely the construction, development and real estate management. From the outset, the aim was to provide high quality and affordable construction in the TRNC to the highest international standards, using a wealth of international experience of the management team gained in the construction industry. In Eurocoast Group operates its own team of highly skilled professionals, which allows not to use the services of local subcontractors and maintain a consistently high level of quality time after time.

As builders always provide products at much higher than market expectations and always fit within the time frame stipulated from the outset. Built more than 1,500 residential properties for clients and is currently in development and construction are more than 500 commercial and residential real estate units.

As developers, always choose the best location for real estate. Design built in conjunction and harmony with the selected areas. Ensure that they always meet the highest expectations. To date, there Eurocoast Group 3 projects that are completed or nearing completion (Selvi Hill Village, Selvi Village Villas and Carob Villas), as well as a new project Lavanta, which is currently under development. Real estate company always stands out in the market and are always in demand by buyers in terms of investment, as well as a great place to stay and relax.

As managers of product management, in Eurocoast proud that provide the most comprehensive after-sales service available in North Cyprus today, unlike many other companies - and rightfully proud of their motto: "Expertise and individual approach."