Duna House

Agency Duna House was founded over 10 years ago and is currently the leader in the market - such an impressive portfolio of the Hungarian real estate has no more, no company, present on the market. Today Duna House has 120 offices in Hungary, Austria and Croatia. Employees of the company are more than 1,500 highly skilled managers. Recently renewed investor interest in real estate in Hungary. More and more foreign buyers are thinking about investing in real estate capital in this country due to the fact that at the moment the prices here are among the lowest in Central Europe. The current situation stirs interest many different groups of buyers - those who wish to invest available funds for investment purposes, and those seeking peace and tranquility in the country with an excellent climate to meet there old age. Not least is the prospect of obtaining a residence permit in the country of the European Union, of which Hungary is a member since 2004. Agency Duna House would be glad to offer options to the maximum extent satisfy your needs and price expectations. I am pleased to provide you with the most complete information on any property you are interested. Please note that prices quoted on the web page do not include the cost of legal services, constituting 1.5% of the total project cost. While consulting our firm are free of charge for their customers!