Consulting Italia Group SPA

Your partner from 30 years for your investments in Italy, Consulting Italia Group Spa, the only specialised joint stock company in Italy to work alongside you in defining and managing your investments in Italy with a long history of partnership with foreign investors who, thanks to our support, have made successful investments in Italy. Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. assists clients under a technical – legal profile up to the completion of operations, in other words, until the actual achievement of the objectives which have been set. It is essential to pursue personalised and targeted research that, maintaining absolute confidentiality, safeguarding know-how and preventing indiscriminate disclosure of sensitive information is capable of generating a flow of candidates and investment opportunities both in Italy and abroad. In order to conduct our research, Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. uses some of the most innovative and efficient means of communication/dissemination. Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. already offers a selection of operations in your sectors of preference and all the legal assistance required, as well as side-by-side support throughout all the stages of the operation.

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