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The main idea of ​​creating our real estate agency in Italy is to combine the most attractive in terms of recreation and investment developers' offers in the most heavenly recreation areas of Italy - on Lake Como and on the island of Sardinia, and to offer you interesting real estate options in the secondary market other areas such as Milan and ski resorts.                Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes about transcendental prices on Lake Como or on the most beautiful sea in Europe - in Sardinia, here you will find real estate at prices from 100 thousand euros, near the sea and the lake.                Real estate in Italy is a very profitable investment, a long-term investment that will bring you a steady income (rent) if you plan to rent out, as well as savings on rent, if you plan to spend your vacation on Lake Como or on the sea of ​​Sardinia. New housing is built on the most modern technologies, according to the standards that have become tougher in Italy in recent years, using the most environmentally friendly (mostly local) materials and high-quality fittings. We have selected for you only the best offers, after a preliminary check of all technical documentation and all permits from local authorities, the presence / absence of a mortgage, etc. Working in direct contact with developers, on the basis of permanent long-term relationships, we are able to resolve any issues related to the sale and after-sales service, with the purchase of furniture, as well as help with the discussion of installment payments. We leave for all real estate objects ourselves and take our photographs, videos, inspect the surroundings, and in this way we can tell you about all the details of the real estate itself and its infrastructure.                In addition to new buildings, we offer you proven housing on the secondary market, free from mortgages and other encumbrances, with all the necessary permits and certificates, as well as land with a building permit. Another interesting approach to profitable real estate investing in Italy is buying at auctions. However, there are a number of nuances, so without the help of experienced specialists in this matter, you just can not do, and we will be happy to help you.

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